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SwA Presentations Page


Santa Clara, California December 9-11, 2008

The MILS Component Exchange Approach to Component Information Sharing

Common Criteria Authoring Environment

Briefing on the latest changes in ISO 15206

Charting System Assurance PTF

Update on ARM

ARM Draft Document


Software Assurance Evidence Metamodel update

Orlando, Florida September 9-10, 2008

Argumentation Metamodel

Landscape of Assurance

Ottawa, Canada June 25-26, 2008

Lessons learned in Building Survivability Assurance Case

Brief Introduction to SBVR and its interface to KDM

The Goal Structure Notation

GSN vs. CAE Approach

Turning SwA SIG into SwA PTF

Washington, DC, March 12-13, 2008

Adelard: Adelared SwA Evidence Metamodel initial submission

Joint: Joint SwA initial submission

JMU: System and Software Assurance ISO 15026

SwA Case

ObjectSecurity: How we can secure SOA without loosing agility

NIST: SwA Case - NIST Role

Adelard: Using Claims, Arguments and Evidence: a pragmatic view- and tool support in ASCE

SIG: Minutes of the meeting

Burlingame, CA, December 12-13, 2007

Software Assurance (SwA) & Software Assurance Evidence Metamodel (SAEM)

Software Assurance Ecosystem and its Applications

Software Assurance (SwA) Information Session: Open Standard Based Enabling Technologies to Achieve Higher Software Security Washington, D.C. December 7, 2006

Keynote: US Government's Software Assurance Strategy

Joe Jarzombek, Director for Software Assurance, DHS

Software Assurance Programs Overview

Robert Martin, Principal Engineer, MITRE Corporation

Technology, Tools and Product Evaluation

Konrad Vessey, NSA Center For Assured Software (CAS)

Systems Assurance

Mitchell Kornaroff, OCIO/I&NA, Information Assurance Policy, DoD

Lessons Learned in Static Analysis Tool Evaluation

James Butler, Knowledge Solutions Manager, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

COTS, MIL-SPEC and MILS, A Necessary Harmony for Affordable Multilevel Secure Architectures

Dr. Ben A. Calloni, P.E., Lockheed Martin

Software Assurance Challenges for System Integrators

Dr. Sumeet Malhotra, Global Director of Advanced Research, Unisys

OMG SwA AB Special Interest Group: Focus, Directions and Next Steps

OMG SwA ABSIG Co-chairs
Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics
J.D. Baker, Systems and Software Engineering, BAE

Anaheim, CA September 27-28, 2006

SwA Ecosystem presentation:

A View-based Conceptual Class Model:

Overview of the Regulatory Compliance:

Overview of OMG Regulatory Compliance Alliance (ORCA):

Boston, MA June 26, 2006

The Common Criteria Approach to Software Security Assurance:

SBVR presentation:

Software Assurance (SwA) Ecosystem:

St. Louis, MO, April 27, 2006

Introduction: Why we are here:

Understanding the Battlespace: Introduction to Secure Software Engineering and Assurance:

Defense in the Coding Trenches:

Attacks in the Coding Trenches:

Tampa, FL, February 15, 2006

Software Assurance Initiative Introduction:

Government Perspective on Software Assurance:

Academia Perspective on Software Assurance:

Industry Perspective on Software Assurance:


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